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Fire Fighter No. 508-G

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Item Number Description Price
amf-dsetff508-G Decal Set-Gold w/black (L & R Sides) $69.99
amf-lpff508-G License Plate $16.99
amf-bpswff508-G Black Plastic Steering Wheel $34.99
amf-wpsrff508-G White Plastic Steering Wheel $34.99
amf-chmsrff508-G Chrome Metal Steering Wheel $69.99
amf-whmsrff508-G White Metal Steering Wheel $52.99
amf-srff508-G Steering Rod $37.99
amf-prff508-G Pedal Rods $45.99
amf-phrff508-G Push Rods $45.99
amf-raff508-G Rear Axle $45.99
amf-rapbff508-G Rear Axle Plastic Bearing $  9.99
amf-rasff508-G Rear Axle Saddle $49.99
amf-rapsbff508-G Rear Axle Saddle Plastic Bearing $  9.99
amf-ftayff508-G Front Steering Assembly n/a
amf-ndwff508-G 6.5" Non-Drive Wheel $29.99
amf-dwff508-G 6.5" Drive Wheel $29.99
amf-wwdwff508-G White Walls for Wheels-Decals $18.99
amf-sqrtff508-G Square Rubber Tire n/a
amf-rtff508-G Round Rubber Tire $12.99
amf-chcff508-G Plastic Chrome Hub Cap $18.99
amf-hcrff508-G Hub Cap Rosettes (4) $12.99
amf-ppff508-G Plastic Pedals $  9.99
amf-sqrupff508-G Square Rubber Pedals $11.99
amf-hwktff508-G Hardware Kit $44.99
amf-spadbff508-G Seat Cover-Black $44.99
amf-whsff508-G Windshield $68.99
amf-hdltff508-G Hood Light $89.99
amf-wdldsff508-G Wood Ladders $59.99
amf-cbff508-G Chrome Bell $29.99
amf-lrksff508-G Ladder Racks $85.99
amf-shff508-G Shifter n/a

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