AMF Pedal Cars Parts and Prices

Western Flyer Tractor

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Item Number Description Price
amf-dset-westft Decal Set $69.99
amf-lp-westft License Plate Decal $  6.00
amf-bpsw-westft Black Plastic Steering Wheel $24.00
amf-wpsr-westft White Plastic Steering Wheel $24.00
amf-whmsr-westft WHite Metal Steering Wheel $75.00
amf-chmsr-westft Chrome Metal Steering Wheel $60.00
amf-sr-westft Steering Rod $30.00
amf-ra-westft Rear Axle $35.00
amf-ftay-westft Front Steering Assembly
amf-ndw531 Non-Drive Wheel
amf-dw-westft Drive Wheel
amf-rrt-westft Rear Ripple-Rubber Tire
amf-rert-westft Rear-Round Rubber Tire
amf-pp-westft Plastic Pedals
amf-sqrup531 Square Rubber Pedals
amf-hwkt-westft Hardware Kit $10.00
amf-seat-westft Seat

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