Pedal Car Books

Steelcraft Manufacture Reference Copies

Restoration & Price Guide

Juvenile Automobiles

Tractor Guide

Evolution of the Pedal Cars

Chasing The Kidillac

Pedal Cars

Cars for Kids


1920 Cadillac Roadster

Packard Roadster

Packard Tandem

Boat Tail Racer

2 Ton Mack Dump/Fire Truck

2 1/2 Ton Mack Truck Dump/Fire Truck

5 Ton Mack Dump Truck

Pursuit Pedal Plane

Corsair Pedal Plane

American Pedal Plane

Spit Fire Pedal Plane

Disney Pedal Plane

Yellow Jacket Pedal Plane

Parts and Prices

2 1/2 Ton Mack Dump Truck

2 Ton Mack Dump Truck

1 Ton Mack Dump Truck

2 1/2 Ton Mack Hook & Ladder

1 Ton Mack Hook & Ladder

Fire Chief No. 506

Model No. 505

Ace Auto No. 500

Essex Auto No. 515

Essex Fire Chief No. 525

Chevrolet No. 560

Plymouth Fire Chief No. 550

Chrysler No. 600

Chrysler Fire Chief No. 620

Buick No. 610

Nash No. 635

Hupmobile No. 640

Army Scout Plane No. 696

Monoplane No. 695

Pontiac Chief No. 525

Pontiac Auto No. 530

Pontiac Chief Auto Deluxe No. 535

Dodge Chief No. 571

Plymouth Auto No. 570

Ford Auto No. 5701

Chevrolet Auto No. 572

Chrysler Air Flow No. 580

Studebaker Chief No. 5713

Chrysler Imperial Airflow No. 581

Air Mail Plane No. 698

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